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What is Buying|Butler?

  • Buying|Butler enables you to compare prices and select alternative or optimal suppliers. The service is tailored to address the purchasing requirements for IT products, telecommunications solutions as well as digital goods and services.
  • Buying|Butler can be used to get reference prices or to help with tenders for IT projects, requirements catalog development and request for proposal (RFP) or request for quotation (RFQ) processes.
  • Buying|Butler is a service provided by Avispador, a consulting and analyst firm. Our service provides a special kind - a combination - of curated shopping, matching, price benchmarking services and collaborative procurement.

Why Buying|Butler?

We offer an integrated service for the collaborative procurement of IT and digital assets, based on established models and methodologies from areas such as curated shopping, matching and agent-based procurement.

BuyingButler im Vorher-Nachher-Vergleich

More transparency

We help you create market transparency and validate alternatives.

More ease of use

The Buying Butler service can be implemented fast and easily, with minimum efforts for our customers.

More cost savings

Join us in a collaborative process to reduce cost and optimize benefits without any risk.

An intelligent and professional procurement management plays a critical role in today's business environments. Dynamically growing IT markets, on the other hand - including cloud computing, mobility, big data, analytics and security - make it increasingly difficult for user organizations to find the right supplier or service provider. Traditional software and hardware procurement is also undergoing transformation. New vendors are entering the market, new service models are evolving and new services are being established.

  • Companies need a comprehensive market overview to optimize approaches to meet their requirements.
  • Potential economies of scale can only be transferred to users through technologies such as automation, based on respective information on providers' service provisioning models.
  • An overview of the provider market is required to be able to select the suitable service provider.

Customers can use Buying|Butler to compare and evaluate the offerings and prices of multiple IT suppliers, service providers and vendors to get a highly transparent market overview and access to alternative procurement options. Leverage our benchmarks to find suitable alternatives and meet other basic requirements for your digital strategy, IT procurement and short-term as well as strategic needs.

Buying|Butler provides reference prices for existing quotes and proposals for IT products (software licenses, hardware), services (cloud services, migration projects, etc.) and digital solutions. Consulting and analyst firm Avispador also invites you to use our services for tenders, requests for proposal (RFP) or requests for quotation (RFQ) respectively. We are also happy to help you evaluate procurement options and conduct price benchmarks, as required.

Buying|Butler also provides you non-binding recommendations on interesting offerings at optimized terms & conditions, based on our continuous market analysis which we conduct to evaluate and examine price developments, market overhangs and general market developments.

How does Buying|Butler work?


You provide the frame parameters: your goals, existing proposals and other parameters.

Search & Comparison

Based on this information, we search for alternative offerings and suppliers.

Results & Implementation

We show alternatives, establish contacts and support the process.

  • Inquiry

    In a first step, you contact us and provide an existing proposal. We conduct a quick check and analysis. You explain us your goals - these may, for instance, be cost reductions, service-level, quality or time optimization. And you also name the vendors, service providers and suppliers with whom you do not want to engage in cooperation and procurement relationships (black list). If needed, you also supply the names of vendors with whom you have already engaged in negotiations without having achieved any result (white list).
  • Search & Comparison

    Based on this information, we search for alternative suppliers for your company. Initially, this is an anonymous search, which means that we do not disclose your company's name nor do we provide any information except for quantities and requirements. In other words: Based on the information supplied and our database of insights, we will match and evaluate potential options and contact respective suppliers and service providers.
  • Results & Implementation

    Then we will prepare and present a short list with potential alternatives, but without disclosing the names of respective suppliers (yet). Rather, this list will include procurement alternatives, price points and value propositions (SLAs).
    Now you can decide whether you want to receive the complete information on potential suppliers and whether you want to contact respective service providers accordingly. If you decide to do so, we will set up a contract to define frame parameters. Basically, the terms of contract include the following:
    • You will receive the contact data or names of service providers we have identified as suitable alternatives.
    • We shall be permitted to forward your contact data to the service providers and these providers are allowed to contact you accordingly.
    • If you commission the project within 6 weeks after contact data have been exchanged, this service is free of charge for your company. If you have not commissioned the project within 6 weeks for whatever reasons, we will charge you a fee for our services (a certain percentage of the savings potential, i.e., the difference between the initial quote and the cheapest price determined).

This means that our service is free of charge under cost optimization considerations or that costs will only incur in clearly defined situations. We present highly complex markets in a clear and transparent way. For us, it is of great importance to ensure our independence and neutrality. Our service requires enormous work. To be able to offer the Buying Butler service free of charge to user organizations - you, our customers - we charge suppliers and providers a fee for our value-added services.

This service is available for our customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland only.

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